St. Patrick’s Day Board

Let’s talk St. Patrick’s Day! At BBTP we love this holiday for many reasons, the main OBVIOUSLY being the food… scones and green OJ in the morning, and a delish feast of corned beef, veggies, and soda bread at night.

If you are looking to keep things casual this year, it’s so easy to throw together a festive board with green touches that you’ll find in any grocery store. THINK green grapes, apples, kale chips, fresh herbs, and olives.

Below we have linked some of our favorite Amazon go-tos to make St. Patty’s Day or ANY celebration special!

Nora Flemming Walnut Tidbit Dish

If you don’t know about Nora Fleming, we are SO happy to introduce you. These products are GENIUS if you love to entertain… you buy these little decorative charms or “minis” that you can insert to various boards, platters, and dishes. Start off with a timeless piece like Tidbit Dish, which is perfect for cheese, apps, and snacks.

Nora Fleming Green Boots Mini

Okay so as mentioned above, each Nora Fleming platter or dish comes with a little hole that you can add an accessory, depending on the season or holiday. For St. Patty’s we LOVE these mini rain boots, that you can also use throughout the spring… AND you can put cocktail picks inside of them!

Here are some other minis that we are obsessed with…

Green Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is perfect for making any cocktail festive. You can also use it creatively, like we did with the little cheese rounds by creating a pattern or shape.

Shamrock Cookie Cutter

If you’ve seen our boards in the past then you know how we love a good cutout! All you do is take a cheese round, like brie, and cut out a shape in the middle… then fill with jam, pomegranate seeds or chutney! For St. Patrick’s day we will obviously use a shamrock.

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