The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah

If you enjoy wine, charcuterie, French culture, and historical fiction, then you must read The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah.

I will begin by saying that Ann Mah is an extremely, extremely talented author… her storytelling skills in The Lost Vintage will transport you to a vineyard in Burgundy, France, where you will be able to taste the baguette and pork sausage sandwiches, cherry jam, cheese, chocolate eclairs, and raspberry tarts…

The book is about a woman named Kate, who in preparation for the Master of Wine Examination, decides to return to her family vineyard in Burgundy. During her stay, she finds some forgotten belongings in the family cellar that link back to WWII, including resistance pamphlets, valuable wine and an old suitcase.

As she learns more, Kate becomes committed to finding the answers that have been nagging her since when she first discovered those belongings, like who was her family really helping during the war, and what happened to the 6 bottles of valuable wine that are missing from the cellars collection?

This book pairs perfectly with this recipe for French tartines…

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