vacation: expectations vs. reality

If you turned  all of the emotional baggage in this book into suitcases full of clothes… let’s just say you’d NEVER run out of outfits to wear. We absolutely loved this book, in fact we didn’t want it to end. Because of the wonderfully rich and often too-close-for-comfort descriptions of the characters, don’t be surprised if your mind wanders off into memories of your own childhood, adolescence, or recent past while reading. Let’s be honest: family vacations can be a blessing, a curse, or even a little bit of both. Like a lot of things in life, you can build an event up in your head but when the actual time comes when you’re living out the much anticipated vacation (date, birthday, dance, etc) it may not be the way you imagined.

the book: The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward

Before I shoo you out the door to grab a copy of The Jetsetters, and to pour yourself a glass of crappy chardonnay like Charlotte does… we actually have to get down on our knees and PRAISE the character we want to become BFFs with… Giovanni. Sweet sweet Gio…call us, we want to gossip with you over hot thin crust pizza in a café in Florence.

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