scones: three ways

For us, scones are a hallmark of a good day with mom. Growing up, scones and iced teas were a go-to snack after a long day at school. Now, the tradition has carried on into adulthood, as we will stop at a cafe after barre class for a much earned ginger-scone and say, “to split” as we order it with two iced teas… always with lemon.

So it was only right that for mother’s day we share a scone recipe. We have accompanied this bite with a trio of books by the legendary Alexandra Stoddard, who at her core embraces beautiful living and finding happiness with the simple things… and for us, that is scones with mom.


  • 1 box of plain scone mix + ingredients according to box directions (we used Stonewall Kitchen, so for that it is cold butter and water)
  • Mix-ins: 
    • Chocolate chips + cinnamon
    • Lime zest + coconut flakes 
    • Strawberries + thyme leaves
    • Orange zest + dried cranberries 
    • White chocolate chips + cherries
    • Lemon zest + candied ginger 
    • Blueberry + white chocolate chips 
    • Pistachio + dried cranberries 
    • Cinnamon + raisin 


  • Assemble the basic scone mix according to box directions
  • Separate the dough into three bowls
  • Add the mix-ins for the scones into each bowl, combining into a ball
  • On a floured surface, place the first ball of dough and roll out until the dough is about an inch thick
  • Using a cookie cutter or overturned glass, begin cutting out your scones, assembling each on a baking sheet lined with parchment
  • Bake the scones according to box directions

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