Delancey Street Toasts

In One Day in December, the girls of Delancey Street develop what they call the “DS Special.” A sandwich layered with chicken, cranberry sauce, blue cheese, lettuce, and mayo. Now for some readers, that might sound cringe. However I had always been curious about how this combo would taste IRL.

For the BBTP version, we decided to widdle the sandwich down into a bite-size version using Melba toasts. I think they’re pretty delicious, and they actually make quite a lovely presentation. Also fast forward to the holidays, this would be a great recipe to utilize that leftover roast turkey and cran!


  • 1 pack Melba toasts  
  • Blue cheese 
  • Sliced chicken (we used a rotisserie, and just pulled little shreds)
  • Iceberg lettuce 
  • Cranberry sauce 
  • Mayo


  • Line the Melba toasts up on a baking sheet and slather each with mayo 
  • Layer your lettuce, chicken, cranberry and blue cheese crumble – in that order – on top of the toast 
  • Pro tip – whole berry cranberry sauce looks best, but if you can only find jelly don’t sweat it 

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