In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle is about a hard working NYC-Chic lawyer named Dannie , who has her life planned out to the T… we are talking a complete plan of when she will be married, where she will move, what job she will have, and what coastal town her and her husband will be summering in. I respect it!

However, things are disrupted the night that Dannie accepts her boyfriends marriage proposal when she falls asleep after having too much champagne, and wakes up five years in the future. In here “dream” or “vision” Dannie is in a different apartment with a different man, wearing a different engagement ring.

As the book unfolds, we are told a true love story. But it isn’t necessarily the one that we think. It’s kind of like Nicholas Sparks meets Elin Hilderbrand based in New York City.

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