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BBTP Author Q&A Featuring Liv Constantine

We are SO THRILLED to have had the opportunity to send Liv Constantine (AKA Fab Sister Duo, Lynne and Valerie Constantine) some of our most burning questions!

The sisters are the masterminds behind one of our all-time favorite thrillers, The Last Mrs. Parrish, and their latest novel, The Wife Stalker, does not disappoint. For insight on how Lynne and Valerie write their novels, how they deal with creative differences, and most importantly, how FOOD plays into their writing… keep reading!

(We’re sure you get this question all the time) How does your collaborative process work between the two of you? (are you physically together? Do you split perspectives?)

L.C. “Our process has evolved over the writing of four books. We live three states and 280 miles apart so we work via Facetime and email. We generally spend about a month or so devising and loosely fleshing out the premise, setting and characters, and then we begin the actual writing. We begin each day with our individual scene assignments, email back and forth throughout the day, and then discuss what we’ve written at the end of the day. We also edit each other’s work as we go along, making additions and suggestions as well. By the time the book has gone through its final draft, we have both touched every page.”

As sisters, were curious what it’s like when you’re not exactly on the same page? What do you do if say one person LOVES a paragraph or a scenario and the other thinks it’s superfluous/ not that strong? How you do work that out?

L.C “We spend a lot of time talking about the characters and what they would do. When we don’t agree on something we ultimately assess whether or not the action or dialogue feels authentic to the character. Once we do that we typically come to agreement. We both want to write the best book we can which trumps any need to assert individual opinions.”

What are some authors you look up to? And alternatively what are some of  your literary “guilty pleasures”?

L.C “We both read widely and enjoy both non-fiction and fiction. We’ve been digging into Joe Dispenza lately for mind/body connection. We read a lot in our genre lately and some of our favorites are: Karin Slaughter, Lisa Unger, Mary Kubica, Wendy Walker, D. J. Palmer, Riley Sager, and K.J. Howe. We could go on and on…there are so many talented authors out there. And we both love going back to the classics and re-reading.”

Favorite book growing up?

L.C. “Anything Nancy Drew.”

Best piece of advice you each have received in your journey as an author?

L.C “Write the next book and continue to improve your craft.Don’t wait for the muse to show up; sit in the chair every day and write.”

Our blog “Bites by the Page” is all about books and bites to go along with them… when you write about food do you crave it? and what is your favorite go-to writing snack?

Lynne: “If I write about wine then I crave a glass of red. For food maybe pizza.”

Val: “Our characters usually eat healthy, so there’s not much to crave. If they were having chips and salsa or a cheeseburger and French fries, that would might be different. And besides, it’s hard to eat and write – gets the keyboard all messy. I do love cashew nuts for a snack though.”