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BBTP Author Q&A Featuring Yaffa S. Santos

We recently connected with the funny and talented, Yaffa S. Santos, author of A Taste of Sage, to answer a few of our most burning questions (obvi regarding all things book/food related!)

It is kind of perfection that Yaffa is the first author that we have interviewed for the BBTP Author Q&A series. Yaffa’s debut novel, A Taste of Sage, is unforgettable with it’s charming and unique plot about two chefs who cross paths in Manhattan, and fall into a very unexpected romance – and the book contains several delish recipes.

Before we jump into the Q&A, can we just say how obsessed we are with Queen Yaffa? Her Insta is a must follow, with little recipes like her Simple Sangria and cooking tricks, like how to cut an onion sans tears. Yaffa is SO amazing to take the time to participate in our Q&A and we are prayingggggg that A Taste of Sage gets turned into a movie (HELLLOOO REESE WITHERSPOON).

If a Taste of Sage were to be made into a movie, who would you cast as Lumi? 

Y.S. “Ooh, this is a hard one for me because I don’t watch a lot of TV. Several readers have told me they could imagine Zoe Saldana playing Lumi, though, and of course, that would be an honor!” 

Where does your love of food come from? 

Y.S. “Hmm… I think I have loved food as long as I have been alive, LOL. When I was a young adult, I struggled with rejecting this fact, thinking that there was something wrong with me, consistently dieting and limiting food. The decision to go in the opposite direction, embrace my love of food and learn how to cook has been one of the most healing things I have ever done for myself.” 

As this was your debut novel, what was one of the biggest challenges you faced? What do you think your readers would find surprising about your process? 

Y.S. “One of the biggest challenges was carving out the same time to write every day regardless of where I perceived my inspiration level to be. I think readers would be surprised to know that I write a lot of scenes by hand. When I am having trouble with a scene, I write it by hand and then type it up later. It just flows better for me.” 

What is one recipe/food item that evokes the strongest memory or story for you? 

Y.S. Macaroni and cheese. I tasted it for the first time at a friends house when I was six years old (my parents weren’t about th mac and cheese life). It is the first food that I remember ever having a strong reaction to, thinking, “Wow, this is good!” 

Do you have a favorite book from childhood? If so, what is it? 

Y.S. “My favorite book when I was a kid was Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle”